Unlimited Styles. Extraordinary Beers.

Quality Up, Waste Down

Designed to be efficient and user friendly, we have gone to great lengths to ensure that brewing errors and inconsistencies are things of the past.  The SmartBrew® system ensures you’re always brewing the highest quality product while minimizing costly waste.

Fresh New Styles

Because your SmartBrew® system comes complete with multiple fermenters, you always have multiple styles of fresh beer to serve while you’re brewing your next extraordinary batch.

Unique Brand & Style

You will differentiate your creations to make each of your beers your very own through dry hopping, yeasts and finings addition. There is virtually an unlimited variety of hops, yeasts and finings available. We’ll be working with you every step of the way.

Passion for Beer

Just Add Passion

It’s important to note that although you won’t need a Brewmaster, we will only work with operators who are fully engaged and recognize that a passion for craft beer is paramount.

Increase Customer Engagement

SmartBrew® operators benefit wildly by engaging new and regular customers, allowing them to decide your next beer style or name.

World-Class Craft Beers

Using the most sophisticated automated brewing system in the world, and through collaborative brewing, you’re going to effortlessly craft fresh, customized beer styles with help from Brian Watson and our expert beer team.

Want to Boost Traffic?

This isn’t a back of the house restaurant solution. It’s the ultimate billboard that gets shown off in all its theatrical glory. Your customers know precisely what your system means; fresh beer. The way it was meant to drink.

Merchandising Opportunities

Start really promoting your establishment by offering cool apparel, gifts, and glassware that your patrons can bring home with them. You’ve got a point of differentiation now – so point to it!

Offsite Sales

In most regions, you are able to can or add a growler filling station and benefit from a true profit machine! Or distribute your beer and sell to other bars!