This is the Future of Craft Beer

Thanks for inquiring about SmartBrew® – we hope you enjoyed the above (short) video to introduce you to the most innovative brewery technology on the market today!

​Please contact us today to discuss how SmartBrew can assist you in becoming a true innovative brewery that drives profits:​

  • No Brewing Experience Required;
  • Fits in as little as 150 square feet;
  • Brew any style beer with YOUR Brand;
  • Multiple models for flexible capacities from 20 to 240 kegs a month;
  • Award winning quality–customers have won over 30 Medals with their beers​;
  • Venues with on-premise breweries have shown up to 20% more traffic;
  • Low overhead–less than four hours a week to operate;

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“For any restaurateur who is serious about their venue, they’re out of their minds not to look at SmartBrew”

​–M. Condi – Basement Brewhouse

SmartBrew automates the brewing process to guarantee you brew GREAT beer each and every time you brew. In fact our current Customers have won over 30 international awards. How do we do it?

​Well the simple answer is: ​SmartBrew has simply taken the thousand-year-old artisan process of brewing beer and split it into two phases. It’s precisely the same process you’ll see at any great craft brewery — It’s just happening in two different places.

To Start… SmartBrew uses only the finest ingredients to make the “High-Gravity Wort” (the stuff that gets fermented to make beer). The High-Gravity Wort is not a concentrate, or extract but an industrial technology that is commonly used in breweries all over the world — and now we have made it available to smaller craft breweries in the most cost effective way possible.

The High-Gravity Wort allows the SmartBrew System to brew over 100+ types/styles of craft beers – IPA, Pale Ale, Amber, Stout, etc. Once [YOU] decide what types of beer you would like to brew — the High-Gravity Wort is shipped to you to brew locally onsite/on-premise using your SmartBrew system.

Finishing up on-site… Once you receive the High-Gravity Wort onsite the easy to follow instructions on the SmartBrew System touch screen will walk you through every step. The best part is you will use your local water, and your local hops, and/or fruits/flavors to give you the local craft beer you desire. The SmartBrew System will automatically control fermention, carbonation, dry hopping, crash cooling, yeast dumps, and monitor maturation. SmartBrew can be as creative as you want it to be, and is designed for all levels of brewers – from “no experience – new brewer” to a BrewMaster.

This is the Future of Craft Beer!

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