Water Filter – 20 x 2.5in 5 micron, Carbon Filter (6-pack)

  • STANDARD DIMENSION – 20 inches x 2.5 inches 5 micron polypropylene sediment filter cartridge. Compatible with a wide rage of industrial filter housings and the whole house filter housings – 6 Pack.
  • FUNCTION – Remove 99% rust, silt, sand, iron and other undissolved particles in dirty water. As the first line of defense in the filtration system, protect your water using appliances and plumbing for cleaner water, improve water quality and taste.
  • NSF CERTIFICATION – Compare to string wound filter, this filter using unique hot melt technology, no fibers falling, avoid second pollution to liquid.
  • LIFETIME – For better water quality, recommended replace TWO or THREE times a year, depending on the quality of the original water source and application type. Recommended change out differential pressure is 30psi(2.1bar).
  • MULTI-LAYER STRUCTURE – Three separate gradient density layers enhance cartridge performance, higher dirt-holding capacity than the similar sized sediment water filter.