Horizontal Serving Tank (1000Lx2 Stacked)

SmartBrew® Horizontal Serving Tanks (HST) with innovative Bag in Tank System

  • The HST line provides an innovative technology that uses Inliners (bag liners) inside of a pressurized vessel that allows you to serve your carbonated beverages without kegging or expensive walk in cooler expense. You transfer the beverage to the HST and then dispense that beverage to your tap(s) from the HST. When the Inliner is empty you depressurize and dispose the Inliner and install a new Inliner and transfer a new batch of beverage into the HST and continue to dispense.
  • Bag in Tank System the single use “ Inliners ” allows for easy dispensing along with fast cleaning without using chemicals;
  • Chilled Beverage(s): Double Wall Glycol Chilled Jacketed Tanks: 800 btu of glycol cooling required per tank;
  • No CO2 needed; but does require 5 CFM per tank of air pressure;
  • Low Overhead Eliminates or reduces the Kegging Process including the expensive walk in coolers not to mention energy savings;
  • Great Theater Presence in any venue with a very small and manageable footprint


  • Model: HST1000LDWSS2
  • Capacity: Two (2) x 1000L
  • Air: ¾” BSP
  • Glycol: ¾” NPT
  • Finish: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 38”W x 96”H x 93” L
  • Weight Dry/Full: 1080lbs / 5480lbs
  • Inliners Price: $32.00 each


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