The SmartBrew System

World-Class Craft Beer. Every Time.


SmartBrew® is a truly unique brewing system designed for the bar, restaurant, casino, hotel and retail industries.

Invented by Brian Watson – one of the most celebrated BrewMasters on the planet – this revolutionary system is changing the craft beer landscape, letting operators brew an unlimited range of fresh world-class beers and ciders onsite without the complications, inconsistencies and expenses of the past.  ​

“If anyone wants to hear about how good the SmartBrew® system is, tell them to call me; it is that good, and the beer is great.”

—Willie Berkers, Owner, King Country Brewing Company

How did we do it?  We simply split the 5,000 year old brewing process into two.

You have the luxury of renowned Brewmaster Brian Watson being your collaborative BrewMaster, You’re going to work directly with Brian on your recipes to ensure they’re truly world-class.

After we take care of the making wort using the finest ingredients from all over the world, you add the yeast, hops via dry-hopping, local ingredients for your favorite flavored beers all onsite in your SmartBrew® system – the most advanced brewing system in the world. 

You can have multiple styles – any styles – all brewing at the same time.  The SmartBrew system automates the process from fermentation to maturation,. The result is consistent, perfect world-class beers. Every time.

Once the beer is completed and emptied, each fermenter tank then cleans itself automatically at the push of a button and you’re ready to brew your next batch.

Your SmartBrew® system allows for continual remote monitoring, and takes control of the entire automated process so your onsite operator can have confidence that you’re brewing the best beer possible.