High Gravity Wort

Only the Best

Like every other world-class brewer, we create our High Gravity Wort the old-fashioned way — from scratch! Our High Gravity Wort varieties are created using only the finest ingredients. We use only the absolute best malted barley and hops from around the world. We select the best raw materials – no matter what the cost – because we live or die by the quality of our High Gravity Wort and (YOUR) beer!

Just ask our many customers that have won dozens of international medals at prestigious international beer competitions. If you’re concerned that you won’t be able to compete with the microbrewery down the street; don’t be. The beers you brew will compete against the finest beers on the globe. We guarantee it.

Our High Gravity Wort is brewed fresh in the traditional way.  The malted barley is crushed and mixed with warm water; some of the purest water on earth, in fact. The naturally occurring enzymes in the barley plant then convert the starch into rich sugars, which we then transfer into the kettle.

Here’s the real secret: Hops are not bitter in their natural state. They need to be added to wort and then boiled. The hop compounds then transform into bittering units and contribute flavour and aroma to the wort. Hops have been added to beer for centuries not only for their flavor, bitterness and aroma compounds, but also for their antiseptic abilities. The wort is gently heated and boiled in the kettle. Here the wort is sterilized, the hops become bitter and the flavor and aromas from the hops and malts develop their full range of flavours and aromas. The fresh wort is then cooled and transferred to a vacuum-sealed proprietary package to be transported to our SmartBrew® customers for fermentation.

Dry-Hopping is a must!

Spectacular beer is not just about the High Gravity Wort. Another secret that allows SmartBrew® to create world-class beers is the automated  Dry-Hopping in our fermenter tanks.  This allow the ability to provide characters and aromas that your customers will truly love.

Dry hopping with certain hops provides the beers to come alive.  For example: dry hopping with Galaxy hops produces wonderful fresh mango and peach aromas. Dry hopping with East Kent Goldings gives you a wonderful fresh thyme, citric and herbal spicy, honey character.  One of our favorites is dry hopping with a mix of New Zealand Motueka and Australian Galaxy.  These great hops combine tremendously well to give you fantastic passion fruit and citric notes that will blow your customers minds.  Nelson Sauvin added to the beer will give you an amazing Sauvignon Blanc flavor that people love.

Yeast selection is a highly underappreciated part of the brewing process. The yeast variety is crucial in the design, aroma and flavor of the beer. Yeast can contribute, banana, toffee, honey, and vanilla characters that enhance your beer. We have hand-picked our yeast varieties for their outstanding contributions to the beer. With a wide choice of yeast, your customers can enjoy a wonderful array of beer styles from around the world, served fresh on tap.

As Fresh as Fresh Gets

We as brewers taste these world-class, fresh beers every day in our brewing vessels. Consumers haven’t had this luxury. That’s about to change. Each batch will be as fresh as the day the barley was picked, because you controlled the fermentation.  You selected the wort, the hops, the yeast, and the added flavors. It is your beer. No one can take that away from you.

Our wort is carefully crafted to produce the best, freshest, most extraordinary beer you have ever tasted. We stand by that. We refuse to produce cheap malt extracts and masquerade as a brewer. We are brewers.  And we collaborate with you, letting you become your own brewers with our wort, and your yeast hops and optional added flavors. Your choice of beer is unlimited and as diverse as you want it to be.