Unsurpassed Quality

Meet Brian.  Multi-award winning Brewmaster and renowned international beer judge.

He’s also your new best friend.

Because of the way this revolutionary system was designed, you benefit from mentorship from the very best. Where Brian and our Brewing Team create High Gravity Wort using nothing but the finest ingredients, you can then work with him and our expert Team to differentiate your beers through dry-hopping, finings additions and yeast selection. The end result is a truly world-class beer that’s all your own; marrying the expertise of one of the best BrewMasters on the globe with your passion and local unique touch.

Unsurpassed Humility

Brian Watson has been brewing the highest quality products for decades, and is one of the most highly respected and celebrated Brewmasters on the planet. As an international Brewmaster, Brian has won more than 100 international medals and set up breweries in North America, China, the UK, Ireland and Australasia. He is Chief Judge of the New Zealand International beer awards, and he judges at the Australian Beer Awards as well as the World Beer Cup in the United States.

And he’s all yours.